The music competition

Radu Blidar (président du concours Vibrarte)

les candidats : Natacha Kudritskaya, Florian Noack , Anastasya Terenkova, Sergey Malov, Eugen Tichindeleanu, Anna Kasyan,  Omo Bello, Florence Boissolle, Christopher Falzone, Jiafeng Chen, Pauline Reguig, Cong Cong Wang, Marlène Assayag, Gemma Coma-Alabert, Jae-Yeon Jung, Katarzyna Mackiewicz, Heng Shi, Ensemble Musique Oblique.


Every year, hundreds of young graduated musicians try their luck in major international competitions. This obstacle course-like process is often necessary to start a career.
Coming from all over the world, aged between 18 and 32 years old., about 60 of them are selected in three disciplines at the Vibrarte Competition held in Paris : piano, violin and singing.
The tests take place at the Opéra Bastille where, in endless corridors, carrying their luggage, each candidate gets to a room where he prepares, rehearses and waits anxiously for his turn to come. Finally the bows are taken out of the holsters, the faces tense and the stage fright awakes when it’s time to cross the last door seperating them from the Jury in the prestigious Liebermann hall...


Authors : Gérald Caillat et Michèle Larivière - Director : Gérald Caillat - Producer : Sophie Germain

Image : Christophe Michelet - Sound : Germain Lalot - Music recording and mixing : Philippe Engel

Commentary said by par Michèle Larivière

Tv documentary | 2009 | 53 minutes | Betanum 16/9eme stereo
November 2009


A Kaléo Films production

In coproduction with C.I.M Vibrarte and Mezzo

In Association with FRANCE TELEVISIONS Pôle France 2

With the support of CNC


Sales and distribution : Kaléo Films

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