Ray Kurzweil, Aubrey de Grey, Leonard Guarente, Robert Langer, Carlo Montemagno, Theodore W. Berger, Henry Markram




In this thought-provoking documentary we bring together the most recent and groundbreaking scientific research relating to slowing down or reversing the effects of aging and increasing our life span.
This film explores the work of the most cutting-edge scientists in the fields of biotechnology, nanotechnology and cognitive science that, in an age of exponential technological advances, has the potential to revolutionize our lives.
In the four corners of the planet, at the heart of great universities, at private foundations, gathered in congress, leaning above their microscopes or debating with their colleagues, scientists will reveal to us their most daring hypotheses on the possibility to reverse the effects of ageing one day.

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Author and Director  : Gérald Caillat - Producer : Sophie Germain - Photography : Etienne Carton de Grammont - Editing : Charlotte Tourres - Music :  Jean-Noël Yven - Director assistant : Jessica Ménendez


Tv documentary | 2008 | 50 minutes | HD-CAM

Festivals and prizes

Bangkok Scientific Film Festival 2009- Bayer Science Film Prize (Thailand)
Pariscience, International Science Film Festival 2008 (France)
Marrakech Scientific Film Festival 2009 (Marocco)
Athens International Science Film Festival 2009 (Greece)
Ver Ciênca Rio de Janeiro 2009 (Brazil)
International Science Fiction Festival- les Utopiales 2009 (France)
Key of Life, Leids Film Festival 2009 (Holland)
Liege, ImagéSanté Festival 2010 (Belgium)


A Kaléo Films production
in coproduction with Stella productions and Arte France
With the support of  Corsica Region, CNC, and the Procirep – producers society and Angoa
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